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Modernization of the T-23 SWD

Modernization of  the T-23 SWD

In July 2011, our company completed the modernization of the fire control system in the holds of m / v Alexander 1.

We set a goal to create an air flow control system that would:

These state-of-the-art innovations made it possible to achieve the goal.

Compared with the dismantled INCO Sopot system our system retains all of the required functions and eliminates the need for additional cleaning and maintenance.

Our CPP 1v6 system is based on very accurate sensors that detect even the smallest changes in the capacity of the pipeline system. Each pipeline system supplying air to smoke detection is separately controlled in case of clogging and obstruction of the pipes.

The CPP 1v6 does not affect other functions of the smoke detection cabinet and is designed for maintenance-free and failure-free control of the airflow from the inside of the cargo hold to the smoke detection in the sucked air.

The modular construction of the 1v6 CPP supports 6 pipelines. This gives us the ability to support any required quantity. In the case of the m / v Alexander 1 it is 14 pipelines.

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Industrial automation and control systems

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