industrial automation and control systems

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Dedicated Economizer system shows the current amount of fuel consumed in the form of a chart, as a digital value in a table and a gauge so that the crew is able to take steps to reduce fuel consumption.

At the same time, the measured parameters are recorded by the controller in the internal memory, the contents of which can be copied to removable media (pendrive) for later analysis on a computer by the captain of the ship or in the company’s office.

The system consists of measuring units measuring various parameters, two KoPUS controllers and two operator panels. Some of the data is measured in the engine room and the rest on the bridge. Data is transmitted by the protocol to the KoPUS controllers. These controllers collect and exchange data via Ethernet. Then, based on the measured data the controllers calculate the value of derivatives e.g. from the fuel consumption per hour and the speed, consumption per mile is calculated. Complete data is sent to the operator panels. KoPUS controllers also write data to the internal memory.

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Industrial automation and control systems

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