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Consumption Calculator for ships

Consumption Calculator for ships

Modern fuel management system is our current flagship model of the system enabling you full control over the light and heavy fuel consumption on vessels for which it is dedicated.

Our system is an innovative model for accurate measurement of consumed fuel. It enables the use of a number of data to optimize the transport costs, and protect the environment by significantly reducing fumes emission into the atmosphere.

eco-logo.png Thanks to the measurements from the sensors installed on the unit we are able to register a number of parameters required to balance energy consumption. The system allows the measurement of light and heavy fuel, then stores the data enabling later analysis in any spreadsheet. Data is sent to the operator via the Internet.

Using our system, not only do you limit emission into the atmosphere (and the standards are becoming more stringent) but, as a shipowner, you are in position to reduce operating costs through direct monitoring of fuel consumption data.

An important advantage of the system is its comprehensiveness and accuracy. Thanks to the newest technology, you can obtain data in a simple and transparent way. It has never been so easy!

The system displays the measured and calculated data:

The components of the measurement system:

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