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ECO 4.5i dedicated controller

ECO 4.5i dedicated controller

ECO 4.5 is a controller dedicated for use with a three-phase motor. Built-in control of asymmetry and phase loss can protect the engine of a controlled device.

In addition, ECO version 4.5i has a built-in internet module, which allows data gathered by the processor to be sent to a specific server, enabling the online performance preview. It also gives the customer an insight into the history of the device's performance over the internet.

The controller has a temperature comparator, which allows you to connect two temperature sensors. In addition, 8 binary inputs ensure full control over the system.

Output activates the electric motor, as well as by the operating panel giving us post control (9 led diodes informing about the machine status and START, STOP and CONFIRM buttons)

Functional program is created for a specific device.

Sample applications:

The system is powered from a three-phase motor circuit.



Industrial automation and control systems

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